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Get the best pricing, across cities in the UAE. Whether you're looking for a short-term, monthly rental or long-term leasing. Compare the pricing with several offers listed on and choose the best for your car rental.

Compare and Book gives you the option of getting your car rental booked in Dubai through our suppliers with the utmost ease. Find your car, compare the pricing, and contact the supplier to book it.

Customer Support believes in providing, excellent customer support to all our customers. Simply call us or send us a message with details for any help, whether you want to rent a car in Dubai or any part of the UAE.

Welcome to Rental Cars Finder

Best in Class Car Rental Marketplace in UAE

Rental Cars Finder is the best in class car rental marketplace, which brings suppliers and users on one platform. The portal primarily focuses on indexing the various car rental suppliers in UAE based on the interests of people. By using Rental Cars Finder, a traveler / tourist or a native looking to rent a car in Dubai can find the best & luxurious cars at unbeatable prices. All the listed suppliers are verified and approved by RTA to rent or lease a car.

Ours is a Car rental search with exclusive comparison of prices. Customers can fulfill their car rental need on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Long-term lease basis. To explore UAE on your own, travelling by yourself in a rental car is the most pocket-friendly option. We have exclusive offers for tourists and monthly bookings.

Rental Cars Finder is known to provide a variety of listings of vehicles like Hatch back, Sedan, SUV, Sports and Luxury all in meticulous condition, ranging from brand new to periodically maintained fleet from different suppliers all over UAE. Visitors have the best scope to choose vehicles from different suppliers and can compare their rental plans at one single place, making their search easy, cheap and simple.

Our suppliers provide latest model cars with smooth driving experience and booking can be done 24/7. Feel the ultimate UAE travelling experience like you own the wheels and fulfill your travel goals by opting for a car rental in Dubai. Locals and tourists who have proper driving permit can choose their favorite car for rent from our suppliers round the year. Save your valuable time and effort in choosing a perfect ride with Rental Cars Finder.

Documents Required for Car Rental in the UAE

You are eligible to rent a car in Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, in fact, all across the emirates provided you have the below mentioned valid documents with you:

For UAE Residents

  • UAE Driving License
  • Emirates ID (Residential Visa may be accepted)

For Tourists visiting the UAE

  • Passport
  • Visit Visa
  • Home Country Driving License
  • International Driving Permit

Why Choose Rental Cars Finder to Rent a Car in Dubai?

Economy Cars:

Rental Cars Finder prioritizes the car rentals to be economic for our customers. By offering multiple options to enhance the riding choices, Sedans and hatchbacks are provided at very competitive prices.

Each of our suppliers provides the best maintained vehicles which are comfortable, safe and secure. All our Economy cars comes with fuel efficient engines which makes the car rental, cheaper and more cost effective

Economy cars are the best option to choose between renting a full-size sedan and a compact vehicle. With our advanced search option, customers can get their desired car for best price. Flexible plans are available for long term rental needs and discounts are guaranteed on weekly deals.

Car Lease: Car Rental in Dubai

Rental Cars Finder offers the best cars for all personal / business and long term needs of our customer who prefer to rent a car in UAE and choose Economy cars, Luxury super sedans, SUV and Sports cars for lease on long term use. Our car lease program starts with a minimum period of one month. Car lease is cost effective when compared to rental. The flexible plans offer a complete control on the amount budgeted and spent, we provide the simplest leasing options and one of a kind pay per use.

The lease on a car is a fixed amount regardless of the miles put on it per month. The car lease or rent a car option in UAE is a package that offers hassle-free, inexpensive, flexible, and affordable prices as per the customer need.

Monthly Deals:

Monthly Deals from Rental Cars Finder and its suppliers give a perfect deal, savings for car rental on monthly basis. Every single deal in our search, packs many features for customers. If you have a long term travel plan, seeking employment in the UAE or looking for a replacement vehicle, opting for a monthly deal is the best option, just rent a car in Abu Dhabi to fulfill your car rental needs. Our simple booking system allows comparing the plans and sorting the suppliers based on their rating at no additional cost or pre-booking fee.

Perks of choosing a monthly deal:

  • Get luxury and premier vehicles with a very competitive price cheaper than rental price or short term lease.
  • Long vacations are planned perfectly with choosing a Monthly deal on your desired vehicle.
  • Best choice to fill the time, if your own car is not available or met with an unexpected breakdown.
  • Much cheaper than using public transport for travelling all your day to day places when chosen Monthly deal.
  • Temporary relocating or staying in another city, our long term monthly deals will provide all the comfort and flexibility you need