The 5 Most Popular Rental Car Brands in Dubai


If you want to travel wide and travel in luxury in Dubai, you have got to check out car rentals, there. It is said that The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a huge number of luxury cars per capita in the region.

Car rentals make your job easier to traveling from a part of Dubai to another. Luxe traveling is the name of the game and everyone wants to travel in the best cars available in the market to fulfil their travel goals.


Rent-a-Luxury-Car in Dubai - Most Popular Car Brands

Renting a car can enhance your Dubai trip in myriad ways. To make the most of the Dubai visit, you can try car rentals as relying on public transports and taxis can be difficult sometimes. The road network is excellent and you can enjoy the many sights and sounds of the city driving in your favorite city. Most car rentals offer a large number of luxury cars and utilitarian cars. Check out some of the best popular car brands here. What are you waiting for? Fasten your seat belts and rev your engine to explore the hot spots of this desert city with rent a car in Dubai.

• Toyota

Toyota, especially the Land Cruiser is a popular brand in the UAE, especially the Land Cruiser Prado. This rugged SUV has an attractive look. It’s very comfortable too. It is available in a wide variety of models. What is its USP? It has a pre-collision safety system that can help detect a person nearby. It has other safety features such as multiple airbags. Rear parking sensors and the anti-lock braking system are other useful features.

• Mercedes-Benz

The S-class Mercedes-Benz is a very popular car in Dubai. There are some prices and products of the same. Select the brand which suits your needs the most. It is known for its durability and state-of-the-art technology. People love it for its sleek styling and ensure its position in the top cars in Dubai.

• Nissan

Nissan has been a very popular brand making its presence felt in UAE for many years. Patrol Safari and Patrol are two of the most popular brands in the UAE. The Nissan Patrol is built for off-roading. It has a 5.6-liter V8 engine and highly fuel-efficient.


• Lexus

The Lexus LX 570 is very well suited to Dubai as it does well in soft sand. Lexus is powerful has great brakes and a technologically powerful cabin. The off-road qualities of Lexus are pretty neat.

• Hyundai

Hyundai is the fifth most popular car brand in Dubai. Tucson SUV is popular because it is sporty, though it isn’t apt for dessert driving it has two available engines and the base model has 164 horsepower.

Most Popular Car Brands

You can rent a luxury car in Dubai either for a few days or a week to see what suits your time schedules. Make the most of your visit to Dubai, rent a luxury car and enjoy the picturesque landscape of this gorgeous