Top Five Tourist Attractions to Explore with Your Car Rental in Dubai


Dubai is known for a lot of things such as architectural wonders, beautiful man-made islands, and the large expanses of awe-inspiring dunes. This city has everything that a travel connoisseur, we bet Dubai has been your travel bucket list for the longest time. But traveling and exploring a new place can be tiresome especially when you do not have the right vehicle to travel around.

 So, how can you get around the city in a hassle-free way? What you can do is hire from a car rental company in Dubai this makes traveling fun and convenient also you will be able to take a sneak peek around the famous places in Dubai, soaking in the historical places and marvel at the modern minimalistic architecture. Do not forget to check out these 5 key places which make Dubai such a beautiful place. 

Car Rental in Dubai

Rent a Car in Dubai - Explore All the Famous Places that the City Has to Offer


1. Burj Khalifa

When it comes to Dubai, this is the ‘it’ place. The statuesque building allows you to look down upon the majestic city and sigh at the sheer opulence of the city around. If you are not scared of the heights, you have to check the view from the top, check the spread majesty of the city. It is a structural wonder, one which will leave you bedazzled with its sheer beauty. Rent a car in Dubai and visit this beautiful building

2. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

This meticulously designed mosque will leave you awestruck. The colors and the structure are a sight to behold, thanks to the beautiful designs. It is etched with bejeweled stones keeping you captivated and you will remain fixated at its sheer aura. Set against a beautiful skyline in the daytime gives it a beautiful look.

3. Hajar Mountains

If you are thinking of going on a road trip then this mountain is just what you need. It does test your strength and stamina, but if you are looking to explore unchartered territories and someplace which will bring you close to nature, then take this trip on a rented car with your friends and family and have some serious fun. You can also try trekking in the lap of the mountains. 


4. Sharjah Arts Museum

Even if you aren’t an art connoisseur you will love the Sharjah Arts Museum and for those who are an art connoisseur, this place is just right for you. The artistry is displayed is a sight for sore eyes. The splash of vibrant colors will enthrall you with its sheer magic. 

5. Kite Beach

People love to throng on the beach in the summer to enjoy the weather. The Kite Beach will hook you for its beautiful coastline and amazing beaches. There is a varied number of things to enjoy on the beaches of Dubai and the fun activities on the beach will thrill you to the core. Don’t forget to try the fun beach activities such as kite surfing and parasailing. 

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