Top Things to Know About Renting a Car in Dubai - 10 Tips


More and more people are into renting a car these days, especially in happening cities such as Dubai where there is so much to explore. People in Dubai are tech-savvy and always want upgraded versions of the latest models of cars and the only way they can avail upgraded new car models is by renting a car. It is mainly because it is so affordable, and you can enjoy traversing through the city in the car model of your choice without emptying your pockets. If you are new to Dubai and debating on the idea of renting a car in Dubai to see the Dubai hotspots, here are top things to know about renting a car in Dubai. 10 tips.

Top Things to Know Before Renting a Car in Dubai

With such a craze about car rentals, there are several companies that are investing in car rentals business in Dubai.  But if you are new to car rentals, there are some tips you must know, especially the general UAE driving rules, also it is important to know the general policies about the car rental companies.

Here are a few general issues that you must follow in order to avoid problems on the road:

1. Do not venture outside the UAE

The rented vehicle cannot be taken out of UAE. It is strictly prohibited to take the rented car outside the borders of the UAE. Unless you have informed and taken the permission from the rent a car as it involves legal procedures.

2. Be wary of the Insurance Policy

If the rented car gets lost or is damaged, then it won’t be covered in an insurance policy. Unless mentioned by the rent a car

3. Ensure you have a registered license

A registered license is a must to travel around Dubai. If you already have an international driving license from certain countries, you do not require a separate UAE driving license for the same.

If you live in the UAE on a Residential Visa / Work Permit, you need a valid UAE Driving License. To get a UAE Driving License, you need driving lessons and pass the driving test from an RTA-approved Driving Institute in UAE: Galadari | Belhasa | Emirates Driving Institute

If you are visiting the UAE as a tourist and want a rental car to get around, you need to have a valid International Driving Permit (IDP) a.k.a. International Driving License and your original Driving License, both from your home country.

4.Security Deposits should be paid in Advance

Most rental companies insist on paying security deposits in advance before striking up a deal with the customer. You can pay either through Cash or Credit Card, depends from rent a car to rent a car

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5. Maintain Minimum Age Limit

The age of the driver should not be less than 25 years.

6. All about the Accident Policies

In case there is an accident, the person who rents or opts for car rental Dubai must immediately notify the police, especially when the vehicle is damaged, you may be charged for the loss even if it was not your fault. If your car does not work properly, it is important that you notify the company so that you do not have to pay for the damage.

7. Traffic Fine Rules and Regulations

if the driver is charged at the traffic fine, the Driver on who’s name the car rented is liable to pay the fines.

8. Extra Facilities Charges

The more the facilities, the more the charges. If you want extra facilities such as a chauffeur, navigation system and so on you may have to pay more for car rental in Dubai.

9. All about the Company Policy

When it comes to the rent a car in Dubai; the first thing to keep in mind is to read all about the company’s policy. One way to check all about all their policies is to go through their websites. Go through their different packages. Check out the company’s daily or weekly so that you can check out all about their daily, weekly or monthly rates for their varied car models, right from sports car to SUV’s.

10. Give a Thorough Read about the Company’s Terms and Conditions

When people rent cars or go for a car lease in Dubai they do not pay enough attention to the company rules and regulations. Always try to read all about the company rules, policies, and terms to avoid false steps. This is the only way you can ensure a hassle-free trip to Dubai.

Follow all the points mentioned above and ensure that the Dubai trip is a fun ride!