What Documents are required if you Want to Rent a Car in UAE?

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Are you visiting the adventurous city of Dubai for the very first time? If so, you might be having a number of questions and various concerns about moving around in the city. Starting from picking the best place to stay during your trip, to renting a car of your choice, to comfortably explore the city, there is so much going on in your mind. Isn’t it? If you are planning to rent a car in UAE, you must definitely check out the best car rentals in Dubai. However, along with searching for a car rental services company, you need to find out about the documents required to rent a car in Dubai.

Let’s check out for the Documents Required to Rent a Car in Dubai:-

The documents required to rent a car in UAE are different for residents and tourists. For instance, rental companies ask tourists from most countries to submit original passport, original visit visa, international driving permit and original driving license from their home country.  And, the tourists from countries such as South Korea, Slovakia, Japan and Quebec need to produce copies of their original and translated licenses as well. While the residents of Dubai are supposed to submit copies of the passport, residential visa, valid UAE driving license and ID, for renting a car in Dubai.

Rent a car in UAE

Apart from the essential documents, there are few other considerations that tourists must look into before renting a car in Sharjah such as the charges for renting vehicles. Generally, the rental companies charge the rental amount on a monthly, weekly and yearly basis. So, you can choose the one as per your convenience. Another major consideration could be related to car insurance. The car rental services in Dubai provide standard insurance as part of the rental rates per car. However, you must ask about the same to the desired rental car company from where you wish to rent a car.

Also, it is important to note that to rent a car in Sharjah, you must be 21 years old. It is an essential legal requirement and anyone willing to rent a vehicle must abide by the law.

Summing Up:-

The best way to travel independently in Dubai is to rent a car in UAE  from the car rental companies. This will be a lot more convenient and cheaper as compared to hiring a taxi. By renting a car, you can explore the city according to your choice in a relaxed manner without any disruption. At the same time, if you are traveling with your kids then you can tour peacefully without having to worry for their safety.

So, if you have decided to rent a car in Abu Dhabi, you must pick a car rental service provider and get ready with all the necessary documents. Keep in mind that the driving license requirements in the UAE keep changing. Hence, you must make it a point to go through the latest guidelines issued by the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai.

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