What is the Best Type of Car to Rent in Dubai During November?

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Are you planning to visit Dubai this month? If so, have you decided what would be the best type of car to rent in Dubai? Since renting a car would make your trip quite comfortable and convenient. There are various car rental in Dubai from where you can rent the most suitable car for you. However, with so many options available, right from economy, compact, mid size, to luxury and many more you may easily get lost in making the best choice. Each of these varieties has its own pros and cons. But you can make an apt selection only after being aware of each of these luxury car rental Dubai options.

Let’s check out the different types of car to rent in Dubai:-

Economy Cars

If you are on a certain budget and trying to save money you will have to opt for economy cars. These cars may not be the best option for long rides as these cars are generally very small in size, and have limited features. However, if you don’t want to burn a hole in the pocket, then, economy cars like Chevrolet Spark and Kia Picanto are good car rental options. The Kia Picanto is car with incredible features. It has features such as well-ventilated brakes, a front suspension, and assisted turning. Also, an unleaded petrol fuel tank with a capacity of 35 litres fuel storage for 100km. Kia Picanto offers a smooth ride and at the same time caters to your basic car requirements.

Compact Cars

If you can spend slightly more budget on your vehicle, going for a compact rather than an economy car to rent in Dubai would be an excellent decision. These vehicles are considered a higher class category for the price at which it is offered. The cost of car rental in Dubai would be worth paying for a little more comfort while driving. Similar to compact cars are mid-size cars. The size in this case is not the only reason a car can be classified as a mid-size. As a matter of fact, the vehicles are of the same size as the compact cars; however, the features are upgraded.

Premium Cars

These vehicles come under the full size cars category. Premium cars are one of the most preferred cars due to their good reputation. Being spacious cars, these cars are considered for a smooth drive, and you cannot go wrong here. Another benefit of this category of car is the fact that its fuel consumption remains within the acceptable range.

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Luxury Cars

If you prefer to travel in style, then, this is the right type of car to rent in Dubai.  Luxury cars are generally equipped with the most up-to-date and highest level technology and safety features that are not available in all cars. These advanced tech features include bigger touchscreens, preventative safety tech and a range of cameras.  Plus, there are facilities for extra comfort and convenience. Therefore, luxury car rental Dubai such as the Mercedes Benz or BMW etc. are the perfect choice of cars if you plan on pampering yourself on your upcoming vacation to Dubai.
Mercedes is rated from 2 to 5 JD power and does not cost anything more than €350 per day. This car offers composed handlings, a lavish interior design, and a very strong engine performance.


The SUV may just be your best call if you want to enjoy a weekend road trip with family. SUVs are generally divided into categories as per their size, from midsize, standard to full size. On the basis of the number of people travelling and space needed, you can decide on which one to opt for.
The choice of the right type of car to rent in Dubai is dependent on the type of trip you are taking, your budget, and the number of passengers coming along. At Rental Cars Finder, you will find the best rates for all the above categories.

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